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Established since 1984, Pastry Pro Sdn. Bhd. is one of Malaysia’s largest suppliers of bakery and confectionery products. We import products from more than 30 suppliers around the world and deposit more than 8,000 line items in our warehouse, which the numbers are still growing year on year. Due to our rapid expansions, we have increased our company’s built-up area to 35,000 square feet in 2006.  

Pastry Pro supplies a wide range of food ingredients, utensils, equipment and machinery to hotels, restaurants, caterers and manufacturers with an emphasis on quality and fair value. If you are an F&B operator or even a home-runned business, we would be honoured to serve your business with our expertise and range of products. Please contact us for inquiry.

Our full range of services include product R&D to suit your business concept, recipe, equipment and training consultation. We have assisted numerous businesses to succeed in the F&B market in various ways.

To ensure greater efficiency, Marketing and Logistics are well integrated where our network of distribution covers both East (Borneo) and West Malaysia.

Pastry Pro is a corruption-free company, and we communicate this commitment through a Statement of Code of Ethics to our personnel and trade partners. Pastry Pro has a long standing commitment towards the development of the culinary and pastry profession. We are a sponsor to the Chef Association of Malaysia and a supporter of culinary institutions throughout Malaysia.

In providing a professional development programmes, we consistently host for professional series workshops, classes and seminars through the year on the topics of baking, pastries, cakes, gelato, ice-cream, donuts, chocolates and food safety.


Defining Moments

Core Management Team

Sani Ong

Managing Director

Ning Jia Ong

Deputy Managing Director

Tony Loh

Senior Marketing Manager

Kevin Yee

Marketing & Communications Manager

Amy Tan

Logistics & Inventory
Control Manager

Loh Kum Fai

Finance & Human
Resources Senior Manager



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Pastry Pro Sdn Bhd (Kepong)
No. 8, Jalan 3/37A, Taman Bukit Maluri, Kepong, 52100,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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E: marketing@pastrypro.com.my

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