Frequently Asked Questions

frequently asked questions

1. What is Pastry Pro’s Opening Hours?

9am – 6pm Weekdays
9am – 3pm Saturdays
8am – 5pm Weekdays
8am – 12.30pm Saturdays  

2. Where is your Showroom / Retail Outlet located?

Pastry Pro Sdn. Bhd.
No 8, Jalan 3/37A, Industrial Area Taman Bukit Maluri, Kepong 52100, Kuala Lumpur

Tel: +603 6272 1155
Fax: +603 6272 1188


3. I am running a small business, can I buy your ingredients in small quantities?

Repacked items are available at our showroom and retail outlet, which is cash and carry and caters to walk-in customers. For specific products inquiry and reservation, please contact the showroom / retail outlet directly.  

4. How can I order custom edible printing?

Custom edible printing is available in various forms, i.e. frosting sugar, transfer sheet, and wafer paper. Please order directly by emailing to with these details: Name, contact number, size and shape of printing, printing quantity and collection date. We require 1-2 working days to process your order. Listed are the templates for circular shapes with listed diameters, full A4 and full A3 size frosting sheets.

A4 – diameter 3.0cm (48 up).pdf
A4 – diameter 3.5cm (35 up).pdf
A4 – diameter 4.0cm (28 up).pdf
A4 – diameter 4.5cm (20 up).pdf
A4 – diameter 5.0cm (15 up).pdf
A4 – diameter 5.5cm (12 up).pdf
A4 – diameter 6.0cm (12 up).pdf
A4 full – 7.5in x 10in.pdf
A3 full – 10in x 15in.pdf

5. I am a trading company, can I enjoy a reseller’s discount?

If your region does not conflict with one of our assigned resellers, then you are entitled to participate in our reseller’s program. The program requirements are:
  1. a) Volume – Resellers are partners with monthly orders that meet a certain amount.
  2. b) Marketing – Resellers are parties with marketing capabilities that are able to service customer’s request and seek out opportunities in the market.
  3. c) Stocking – Resellers are required to stock a representative range of products and according to their customer’s needs.

6. I am opening a new business, how can I request for service?

You can either leave us a feedback online or write to Please specify the nature of your business, your name, contact number and the address of your business so we can assign the appropriate representative to serve you. No business is too small for our service!  

7. I have food ingredients that I no longer require, can I return them?

In order to comply with the Food Safety Policy that is in place to protect our customers, we must be able to demonstrate traceability, which requires food storage temperature to be recorded, along with any transfer details from the point of manufacturing. Because of this, we cannot accept any returns of ingredients that have been stored for any amount of time outside of our warehouse.  

8. Can I make a purchase through mail?

We have a number of distributors serving each state, please feel free to contact them first. We are able to courier products that are less temperature sensitive. Please email your requests to us.  

9. Does Pastry Pro have an E-Commerce portal?

Yes we do. Kindly visit for more information.