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Research & Development

We truly understand that chefs across the region, are very occupied in the kitchen. While they continue to create palate pleasing pastry and confectioneries for their customer, we are here to help you develop new recipes.

Tell us your business concept and we will develop brand new recipes that are tailored to your concept.

Had a change in ingredients recently? Let us help you recreate your recipe to give the same taste your customers love.

product research and development


Available For Rent

One way that Pastry Pro commits to the development of the F&B industry is by providing a facility for product development, training, as well as experimentation.

Our test kitchen and seminar room have played a spring board for many menu ideas for successful food franchises, cafes, restaurants and bakeries.

Beyond that, our clients often appreciate the assitance and feedback from our chefs and food technologist who are here to coordinate your space use and to facilitate.



Seminar room with projector and sound system

1 to 4 counter space in kitchen

Pull sugar station with heating lamp

Blast freezer

Donut fryer

Dough sheeter

Steward (washing) services

Spiral mixer / Kitchen aid mixer

Three deck oven

***Not all equipment are listed here.



Custom Edible Printing

Custom edible printing is available in various forms, i.e. frosting sugar, transfer sheet, and wafer paper. 

Please order directly by emailing to with these details

  1. Name
  2. Tel number
  3. Size and shape of printing
  4. Quantity
  5. Collection date


We require 1-2 working days to process your order. Listed are the templates for circular shapes with listed diameters, full A4 and full A3 size frosting sheets.

A4 – diameter 3.0cm (48 up).pdf 
A4 – diameter 3.5cm (35 up).pdf 
A4 – diameter 4.0cm (28 up).pdf 
A4 – diameter 4.5cm (20 up).pdf 
A4 – diameter 5.0cm (15 up).pdf 
A4 – diameter 5.5cm (12 up).pdf 
A4 – diameter 6.0cm (12 up).pdf 
A4 full – 7.5in x 10in.pdf 
A3 full – 10in x 15in.pdf 


Upon confirmation of your artwork, we will sent you an secure online payment link.


Once payment is made, we will process your order and print.


If you prefer we can arrange courier service to deliver your printed sheets.